Alex Rowan

12:26 <beeeyeteaseaaitch> Intarweb Services has been hosting
me as long as I have owned my domain. I got a
12:26 <beeeyeteaseaaitch> great deal on my domain name when I set up my account
with RTW.NIS. I have had only one major problem
12:26 <beeeyeteaseaaitch> with RTW.NIS's servers in the years they have hosted
me, which was handled quickly by them. Backups
12:26 <beeeyeteaseaaitch> are done periodically and I will never have to worry
about loosing data again. Let's not forget that
12:26 <beeeyeteaseaaitch> I never have to worry about bandwidth. My site gets a
lot of traffic and can always handle the load.
12:26 <beeeyeteaseaaitch> I highly recomend using RebootTheWorld.Net Intarweb
12:26 <beeeyeteaseaaitch> Alex Rowan

Chuck Hoffman

17:56 <nothingHappens> "Gardettos Snak-ens are so tasty! Especially the rye chip bits. I like to munch on them while I work on my website that's hosted at reboottheworld! it's awesome!"
17:57 <nothingHappens> --chuck (

Jeff Chapin

12:42 <Ozy_work> thanks for the very cost-effective hosting solution
12:42 <Ozy_work> you help me synergize my way into the new millenium
12:42 <Ozy_work> RTW.NIS fits my needs, and was within my price range. Thank you RebootTheWorld.Net Intarweb Services!